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Who Are We?

The Formosa team is a diverse group of visionaries spanning an exceptionally broad range of experience, knowledge and cultures from across the globe.

Our team includes successful blockchain and fintech entrepreneurs with a proven track record in financial services.


Core Team

Ryan Terribilini
Cofounder & CEO
Ryan has worked on numerous projects at the intersection of technology, policy, and operations. He spent four years at Google developing the Android hardware and software ecosystems by managing direct-to-consumer device support operations and creating policies for the world’s biggest mobile app marketplace. At Ripple, Ryan served as Head of Developer Relations and Platform Partnerships. Through this role he engaged with numerous financial institutions and FinTech entrepreneurs building the payment systems of the future. Last summer he worked with Catalyst to develop an accelerator program focused on building financial services for underserved populations in India. He is currently a research fellow for the Global Taiwan Institute, undertaking a historical study on the relationship between Taiwan's democratic and economic development.
Wei Shum
Wei Shum is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of experience pushing new concepts and marketing campaigns in the Taiwanese and International landscape. Originally in Taiwan to help the Ministry of Education design, implement and market new curricula based on American honors programs, Wei also became well recognized in Asia for his forays into food and beverage as the founder of California Grill and Macho Tacos. After successfully exiting the life of restaurateur/TV chef, Wei shifted his focus to helping create global marketing campaigns for clients such as EVA Air, Tian Yuan Xiang, and Starlux Airlines as producer, location manager and writer.
Terris Ko
Terris is a U.S. attorney with over 15 years experience in both the U.S. and Asian markets and an extensive practice in complex corporate transactions, IP licensing and distribution, and dispute resolution. Terris focused on cross-border finance and M&A deals as a member of the Banking and Capital Markets Team at Lee and Li in Taiwan, working with regional and international banks on a wide range of finance projects. More recently, Terris has guided two of the most well-respected media companies in Taiwan as head of business and legal affairs.
Yalu Lin
As an entrepreneur, Yalu co-founded a retail distribution in Canada and successfully cooperated with Hudson Bay Company, Staples, BestBuy and Fry’s electronics. After a successful exit, Yalu relocated to Guangdong to join a global cooperation in charge of global product R&D, as global sourcing management, and inventory-financial management. He then moved again to the parent company in Europe for marketing and sales operation. With his help, the firm eventually became publicly listed. Yalu was also the president of Imperial College Taiwan Society, and the director of The Taiwan Merchants Association of Toronto.
Olivia Kuo
Project Manager
Olivia has more than 6 years of working experience in various industries such as Hospitality & Travel, as well as various Luxury fashion brands. Her skill sets are mostly focused on business development while creating her own marketing material to aid the process. She is a fast learner with knowledge in multiple industries and willing to take on new challenges to not only advance her career further but also to dedicate her abilities for the growth and improvements of the company. Olivia has now dedicated herself to Blockchain fields including Fintech for Formosa Financial. Holds BSc in craft and design from National Taiwan University of Art.
Chloe Hsu
Marketing Executive
Chloe graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a double major in Biology and Operation and Supply Chain Management. Prior to joining the blockchain and crypto industry, she worked as a supply chain assistant at OrthoCarolina, P.A. for almost a year. Early 2018, Chloe decided to move back to Asia to explore more opportunities and challenges. Since April 2018, she has established herself as a marketing and business development executive in the Blockchain industry. While she only has about 6 months of experience in the field, you would be surprised by how much she already learned in such a short amount of time.
Jerry Lin
UI/UX Designer
From Taiwan’s e-commerce platform to participating in China’s Armed Police training, Jerry brings unique experiences in project design and large-scale system solutions to the Formosa Financial team. Jerry has been working as a UI/UX designer for the past few years in startup teams and is passionate about working in a creative environment that pushes the limits of his design skills. Jerry is happy to be able to be part of the team and contribute innovative designs to the construction of this project.
John Chen
Front-End Engineer
John has extensive experience leading projects at top server vendors and surveillance industry, and has 6 years of front-end development experience and 5 years of experience in image processing multimedia programming. He has participated in the development of various projects and will be part of the engineering team building out our platform.
Peter Chan
Quantitative Associate
Peter holds a Master’s degree in data science from University College of London. He was also a quantitative analyst at a hedge fund in London. At that position, he was involved in the research, development and trading of systematic strategies. Prior to this position, he also worked with one of the top Fintech startups in the UK, Data Spartan. There he focused on machine learning methods for algorithmic trading. He also has a strong interest in machine learning, and ranked in the top 2% globally in his first Kaggle competition, House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques. Upon joining FF, he aims to provide clients quantitative solutions to capture short-term trends and help manage risk exposure of digital assets backed by quantitative research, machine learning and big data. With his experience and skills, Peter will be a big addition in the building of our trading platform.
Kent Chung
Quantitative Associate
Graduated from National Taiwan University with a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Economics and a Master’s in Economics, Kent has over 2 years of experience as a management associate and a derivatives trader at Yuanta Securities. At Yuanta, he built a solid knowledge base of financial markets along with strong data analysis and quantitative research skills. Kent’s ambitions to apply his trading experience and quantitative research skills have brought him to digital asset markets and at Formosa Financial his goal is to help build a stable multi-strategy trading module with positive expected returns.
Eric Hua
Administration Manager
Eric was graduated from National Chengchi University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with multiple leading experience in school activities. You can see him from small musical club to big whole-school event. Also work in Starbucks while studying, possessing 3+ years experience as a Shift Supervisor, which makes him good at administration work and familiar with team building and leadership. Eric is exciting to join FF, where he has chance to do what he good at, take control of the working place and maintain relationship between each other. He aims to create a working place filled with warm and fun atmosphere.


George Hsieh
Cofounder & Advisor
Jeffrey Huang
Founder - Mithril
Greg Kidd
Co-Founder CEO- globaliD
Leo Cheng
Principal & Co-founder - Blockstate
Wei-Ning Huang
Craig Foster
CFO - Financial Engines
Jamie Lin
Founding partner -APPWorks
Andrew Wong
Partner - IDCM
Kevin Li
Senior VP - M17 Entertainment