Founding Formosa

Formosa Financial is working to build a world where value can be securely stored, shared, and sent by people and companies anytime and anywhere.

Our Taipei-based team of bankers, technologists, and policy makers are collaborating with partners globally to make this vision a reality.

Join us on our journey to bring 寶島 (treasure island) into the 21st century.


Ryan Terribilini | CEO

I strive to ensure that the company structure remains flat and non-hierarchical as I think organizations that empower everyone to think creatively and challenge assumptions are ultimately the most effective.
Everyone is encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with colleagues. The best work environment is one where we all learn from each other everyday. 

The better we are at seeing and understanding each others work, the stronger we become as individuals and as a company striving for audacious goals.

Team Culture

We take pride in bringing our best effort to all the challenges that come our way. As a team we are always ready to lend a helping hand to each other and our clients to get the job done.


• Set goals that make you feel "uncomfortably excited"
• Push yourself and your teammates to grow everyday
• Leave a dent in the world


• Bring intellectual curiosity to all your endeavors
• Approach problems with quiet determination
• Exude pride in your work and achievements


• Share your opinions freely and openly
• Learn from others strengths and weaknesses
• Win as a team, lose as a team - everybody is in this together

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Full-stack Developer

Basic Qualification
• Passionate in blockchain/cryptocurrency industry
• At least 3-5 years of experience in web development
• Familiar with Python and Django framework
• Familiar with Javascript, React/Vue a plus
• Working proficiency in English, clean coding style
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