Formosa Financial is the one-stop platform for digital asset management, offering a customizable suite of custodial, brokerage, and risk management services.

Experienced Team

International team based in Taipei with deep blockchain, financial markets, and regulatory expertise.

Robust technology

API-enabled platform with integrated asset wallets connect into our network of global exchanges and OTC markets.

Regulated & Audited

Licensed to conduct virtual currency exchange services to be audited for regulatory compliance by multi-national accounting firm.

One-stop shop for
digital asset management

The biggest innovators require the best services.

Secure custody
& asset storage

Have peace of mind knowing your digital asset holdings are protected by best-in-class hot & cold wallet management procedures.

Digital & Fiat
Asset Custody

Hypersecure integrated vault with multisignature architecture to seamlessly manage asset positions.

Deep liquidity
& trade execution

Ensure excellent price execution through our liquidity sourcing platform.


Order sharding to multiple exchanges to access the best rates. Liquidity seeking algorithm through exchange API integrations and OTC trading pools.

Risk hedging
& diversification

Reduce your exposure to market volatility through bespoke risk management services.

Risk Management

Customized hedging solution to mitigate liquidity, market and operational risks.

The PlatFORM

The platform seamlessly integrates asset custody, brokerage, and risk management in one easy-to-use package.



Banking API

Bank Services


George Hsieh
  • Cofounder & Chairman
  • In

At the age of 24, George Hsieh created the acclaimed e-Trade platform during his time as the founder and CEO of KCET, generating a 100-fold increase in revenue in merely 18 months. In addition to his role as an E-Trade pioneer in Taiwan, he also served as the head of the Public Affairs Committee at the Taiwan Securities Association. After completing his Management Studies at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Mr. Hsieh ran successfully for office. Mr. Hsieh has served as the executive director at the Keelung-based bank KSCC since 2011, responsible for business development and corporate image management. The bank has 15 business units across Taipei and Keelung and has made a great contribution for the provision of regional financial services and stabilizing regional financial order.

Ryan Terribilini
  • Cofounder & CEO
  • In
  • In

Ryan has worked on numerous projects at the intersection of technology, policy, and operations. He spent four years at Google developing the Android hardware and software ecosystems by managing direct-to-consumer device support operations and creating policies for the world’s biggest mobile app marketplace. At Ripple, Ryan served as Head of Developer Relations and Platform Partnerships. Through this role he engaged with numerous financial institutions and FinTech entrepreneurs building the payment systems of the future. Last summer he worked with Catalyst to develop an accelerator program focused on building financial services for underserved populations in India. He is currently a research fellow for the Global Taiwan Institute, undertaking a historical study on the relationship between Taiwan's democratic and economic development.

Lorne Lantz
  • CTO
  • In
  • In

Lorne Lantz is a blockchain entrepreneur, developer and educator who has built multiple financial startups that have won awards with PayPal and Swift. He has been programming for 20+ years. Lorne is an O'Reilly blockchain expert, produced educational videos on the blockchain, and a technical reviewer for the “Mastering Bitcoin” book. Lorne has launched several fintech startups, including remittances, ewallets, POS, forex, crypto trading and ICO investing. Lorne has been educating corporations around the world on blockchain, including German bankers at TedX Hamburg.

Will Chen
  • CIO
  • In

Will has over 18 years of professional experience in finance and investment banking, spanning from M&A to structuring and trading, distressed/special situations, derivatives sales and trading, and private equities. Will started his career at Rothschild and Enron in the U.S., then relocated to Asia Pac and continued his career in finance with Merrill Lynch (Global Principal Investments), KGI Asia (HK), and most recently as the Director of Equities Derivatives at BNP Paribas (HK). In 2015, Will returned to his home country Taiwan and started a new venture, Sonoma International.

Wei Shum
  • CMO
  • In

Wei Shum is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of experience pushing new concepts and marketing campaigns in the Taiwanese and International landscape. Originally in Taiwan to help the Ministry of Education design, implement and market new curricula based on American honors programs, Wei also became well recognized in Asia for his forays into food and beverage as the founder of California Grill and Macho Tacos. After successfully exiting the life of restaurateur/TV chef, Wei shifted his focus to helping create global marketing campaigns for clients such as EVA Air, Tian Yuan Xiang, and Starlux Airlines as producer, location manager and writer.

Terris Ko
  • CLO
  • In

Terris is a U.S. attorney with over 15 years experience in both the U.S. and Asian markets and an extensive practice in complex corporate transactions, IP licensing and distribution, and dispute resolution. Terris focused on cross-border finance and M&A deals as a member of the Banking and Capital Markets Team at Lee and Li in Taiwan, working with regional and international banks on a wide range of finance projects. More recently, Terris has guided two of the most well-respected media companies in Taiwan as head of business and legal affairs.

Yalu Lin
  • COO
  • In

As an entrepreneur, Yalu co-founded a retail distribution in Canada and successfully cooperated with Hudson Bay Company, Staples, BestBuy and Fry’s electronics. After a successful exit, Yalu relocated to Guangdong to join a global cooperation in charge of global product R&D, as global sourcing management, and inventory-financial management. He then moved again to the parent company in Europe for marketing and sales operation. With his help, the firm eventually became publicly listed. Yalu was also the president of Imperial College Taiwan Society, and the director of The Taiwan Merchants Association of Toronto.

Team Background


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  • Kevin Li

Backed by International Partners

Formosa Financial is working with a number of strategic partners to
advance the vision of a future where banking services are widely
available for the blockchain industry.


Our main goal is to make an easy and effective platform for blockchain innovators to manage their funds, so that they can focus on their own core business and achieve greater success.

Q1 2018
  • Launch Formosa Financial

Q2 2018
  • Start platform development

  • Complete fundraising

Q3 2018
  • Begin to compile ICO company client waitlist

  • Custody and brokerage service in private beta

Q4 2018
  • Risk hedging in private beta

  • Secure banking relationships

Q1 2019
  • Launch custody, brokerage and risk hedging products to additional customers (crypto funds, exchanges)

  • P2P lending for cryptocurrency

Q2 2019

Launch debit cards

ETF diversification products

Q3 2019

Short-dated forward derivatives contracts

P2P trading platform for standardized derivatives smart contracts

Q4 2019

Launch access fund for ICO projects and crypto investments

Token Distribution

2 Billion FMF

FMF Development

10% — Legal/Compliance/Licensing

200,000,000 FMF

15%. — Ecosystem

300,000,000 FMF

15%. — Platform Development

300,000,000 FMF

Team & Advisors

25% — Team

500,000,000 FMF

5%. — Advisors

100,000,000 FMF

Private Sale

30% — Private Sale

600,000,000 FMF


Located in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is one of the most vibrant capitals in East Asia - A blend of traditional and modern. Formosa Financial is committed to honoring the history of Taiwan while working towards a blockchain-powered future.

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